About This Blog

Welcome to the Consumer Products blog.

Here  you will find two unique perspectives about consumer products – Jen the consumer and Jen the marketing professional.  I test, review and discuss not only the products, but the packaging, distribution and marketing of the products as well.  Your thoughts, insights and ideas are welcome.

Want us to look at a specific product, brand or category of products (foods, beverages, cleaning goods, electronics, etc.), just let us know.  Our goal is to shed light, open minds and provide a forum for open, honest discussion about consumer products.  You can email me at jennifer at sweeneypr dot com.

One response to “About This Blog

  1. Stephanie

    Jen—I love it and feel the same way! They are the same way at the Outlet Mall in Jeffersonville….of course I was annoyed! Being in a small store with ten people constantly trying to help, I was overwhelmed! No hand written note of course. I have bought multiple items at the outlet store, I guess I just prepare myself to be offered help every 2 steps!

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