Pink, Pink and More Pink! I’m Sick of Pink!

As a board director of a local non-profit, I can certainly appreciate how much time, talent and treasure (dollars) it takes to gain awareness for a cause. So what the organizations behind National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (NBCAM) have accomplished is nothing short of spectacular. In fact, other non-profits are jumping on the bandwagon, but none that have come close in my opinion to NBCAM , except maybe National Heart Association Heart month (Feb.).

But NBCAM has gone too commercial and now every consumer product and service is trying to make a buck off of it. From pink mixers to pink laptops, pink product labels and pink hair, this is literally out of control. I’m not saying we should stop creating awareness for breast cancer, but we need to move away from the commercialism and back to the real cause.

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One response to “Pink, Pink and More Pink! I’m Sick of Pink!

  1. Kayleigh Fitch

    I hear you; I was at a furniture store and they had a bright pink couch on display as a promotion!

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