Swiffer is the New Self-Defense Tool

A 71-year-old South Carolina man used a Swiffer to fend off an intruder. He was cleaning his kitchen when a man in a ski mask tried to enter his home.

“He told me to get down and I grabbed the Swiffer, started jabbing him with it and it broke off, so I still kept on jabbing,” Philip Graham said. “I told him, ‘You get out of my house, you sorry son of a bitch, I’ll kill you.’ I kept jabbing him and he backed out and ran to the back of the house and then across behind the house.”

I’m certainly glad Philip was okay and that the intruder left the house. But what I found more interesting about this story is Proctor & Gamble sent Philip a full supply of Swiffer products after they heard the news. Then another local news story ran about the products Philip received from P&G. Way to take advantage of the opportunity P&G.

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