Pottery Barn Pushes Santa Too Soon

Just this week I received a Pottery Barn catalog with a nice fall décor on the cover. As I flipped through the catalog, I was surprised to see Halloween decorations because it wasn’t something I expected from Pottery Barn. But that wasn’t what got me so fired up.

As I continued to flip through the pages, gasp, I saw Christmas decorations. Yes… Christmas decorations in September! How sickening. I just got our fall decorations out of the attic.

And Pottery Barn isn’t the only retailer trying to push Christmas. Toys R Us just released it’s “hot toy list” on Tuesday for the holiday season. This just sickens me.  In fact, last year I started a Facebook page called “It’s Too Early For Christmas”.  I thought seeing Santa in the mall before Thanksgiving was crazy, but Christmas in September is ludicrous.

Take a stand! Join the Facebook page and voice your opinion.

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