Is That a Bird or a Plane? No… It’s the iPad.

While I don’t have one of my own, I have heard or seen many uses for the Apple iPad besides the obvious. Just a few weeks ago, I was in a meeting and one of the attendees came with his iPad rather than a pen and paper. Also, I heard parents using it as a glorified “fun pad” to keep kids occupied on long flights or road trips.

But the most interesting of all comes from my husband (a Marine captain) who is currently in Afghanistan’s “wild west”.

Every day we either get attack helicopters or fighter jets to support our Marines if they get in trouble. These guys are constantly over head helping us out with the fighting or providing observation.

We also have 2-3 different maps of the area that we are in, and the pilots have to have these maps up in the cockpit too. Plus they have to have maps of pretty much everywhere between where they take off from up to where they will be doing their missions, so they could potentially have a lot of maps up there that they have to fumble through.

I would say upwards of 10-15 different maps at any given time. Anyhow we had fighter jets up yesterday evening, and instead of having all of these different maps, the pilot had every map conceivable on an iPad. Now that is really cool. I am sure it streamlined the process for him.

Apparently, our military isn’t the only one using the iPad. The UK is also using the iPad to train soldiers. According to an article on, “Early reports indicate that this experiment (using iPads for military training) so far has been successful in accelerating their (soldiers’) learning, thanks largely to the natural interactive experience which is said to have been responsible for this.”

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  1. Kayleigh Fitch

    I was at a friend’s house for the Browns game this past Sunday. While we were watching the game on TV, one of the guys brought his iPad to watch simultaneous games and track Fantasy Football stats!

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