Hulk Secures Media Coverage for PumMax… But What About Sales?

Last week I wrote a post about Hulk Hogan being the new pitchman for PumMax  – a pumice based cleaning product. 

As I expected, the video doesn’t do a good job of connecting with the target audience, the product packaging needs some work and the tagline  – A Volcanic Explosion of Cleaning Power –  needs to go!  Of course I get the connection, pumice comes from volcanic rock, but I certainly don’t want a volcanic explosion in my house.  Sounds more like a mess than cleaning one up.

However, using Hulk Hogan as the pitchman has definitely increased the awareness of PumMax.  For example, US Weekly is said to have “scooped” the video and played it prior to the launch date, as stated by the direct TV company.  But most of us can read between the lines, the direct TV company released a segment of the video early to generate more buzz about the launch.  Smart move.

Also, prior to the launch of the video, the direct TV company announced the Hulk would be the pitchman for PumMax. Again, smart move.

But what is yet to be seen in all of this is will the awareness generated by the Hulk for PumMax actually create sales?  I doubt coverage on wrestling web sites or US Weekly, has generated much sales.

I think what the Hulk can teach us is it’s not about achieving media coverage, it’s about achieve media coverage that drives results.   It’s not about hiring a pitchman, it’s about hiring a pitchman that resonates with your target audience.  It’s not about doing direct TV, it’s about commercials that drive calls, drive website traffic and drive sales.

I’ll keep tracking this campaign to see what happens.


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2 responses to “Hulk Secures Media Coverage for PumMax… But What About Sales?

  1. exeqnation

    I think it is also relevant that Hulk Hogan has no pre-established exposure as a “cleaning” expert. I guess the assumption is “because he is tough, he can get out tough stains?” Regardless, the connection is seemingly weak. Which makes me wonder if the research shows males (ages 12-65) who know the Hulk from his wrestling days will be inclined to purchase the product because of his endorsement… kind of like how feather boa sales spiked when he started wearing one in the ring.

    • lindsey brooks

      I can say i feel the same way… being that I wrote,directed and produced the entire spot, and the original script was much more based toward moms and families( i.e. the people who were purchasing the item) but unfortunately the powers that be that are trading stock options and trying to demoralize america with their cuthroat behavior and closeminded bamboozling mentality nixed any and all connection that the mom demographic might have to the item. Losing sight of the fact that Pummax is a great item, that actually works and helps to promote non toxic cleaning as a safe alternative to the poisionous garbage on the shelves of safeway and qfcs. Its actually a real shame that this happened to the spot, because the original concept attempted to show a softer side of hulk that i think would have been much more interesting to the drtv consumer as well as the big box and drugstore buyer. Maybe they are trying to earn money quick to pay their bills, that they ahem…. still havent made good on….

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