Do You Want a Gofer?

Just this month Sears Holding Company launched a test for a new retail drive-through concept called  The concept is simple and feeds off American’s need for fast and convenient.

You simply place your order one of three ways –  online at, using the mygofer mobile app or by calling an agent. sends you a text message when your items are ready.  You head to the location and they put the items in your car. offers more than 100,000 items, including everything from food to appliances, jewelry, bedding and clothing.  But don’t get too excited.  Sears just has one test location in Joliet, Ill as of right now.

Is this the next generation of shopping?

Possibly… especially for moms who dread taking kids to the grocery store.  However, I’m one of those touch and feel kind of people.  Even when it comes to the grocery store, I would prefer going into the location when it comes to selecting produce and meats.

The other issue is the location of  If there is a close location, that is great.  However, if the location required a 20-minute or more drive, it would be just as fast and easy to pop into the corner grocery store.

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