Does Coke’s Happiness Machine Video Only Resonate with Coke Fans?

I feel the need to start off this blog post by giving the disclaimer that I am a loyal Coke fan. Thanks to my college roommate, I refuse to drink Pepsi and scoff at wait staff who try and slip me one when I order Coke.

So when I saw Coke’s new “Happiness Machine” video, I immediately loved it. From a marketing standpoint, the video was real and the reactions were priceless. It was amazing how something as simple as sharing a free Coke, pizza or sub could brighten someone’s day. The video definitely resonated with me and I’m actually craving a Coke!

However, had Pepsi developed this same video, I would have still appreciated the video concept from a marketing standpoint. But as “Jen the consumer”, it would have had no effect on me whatsoever. The message would have been pretty flat and I would have went on with my day.

Maybe it was because the video brought back great memories of college and how my friends and I would make it an event to go to Wendy’s for a biggie Coke. Or maybe it is just because I’m a Coke fan. But either way, I love this video and I’m responding to Coke’s call to action to “Share the happiness, share the video”!

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