Laundry Detergent Gets a Makeover

From powder to liquid, concentrated liquid, sheets and packets, laundry detergent continues to evolve. The focus on sustainability is what seems to be driving this evolution and likely Walmart is behind most of this. And while the benefit of sustainability alone is not enough for the majority of consumers to make the switch, not having to lug or store big old jugs will.

Method – Detergent in Pump Bottle
Just this week Method launched what it claims to be the world’s smartest laundry detergent: method laundry detergent with smartclean technology. According to, the patent-pending formula allows more of the cleaning agents to be used, which allows consumers to use significantly less detergent compared to national brands.

What is most interesting about this new product is that it features a unique pump bottle. You simply pump the bottle four times per load of laundry. Every bottle equals 50 loads of laundry.

In addition to reducing packaging and the weight of the product, the formula is plant-based and uses 95% natural and renewable ingredients according to

Purex – 3-in-1 Laundry Sheets
Today, I was looking through the FSIs from Sunday’s paper (yeah.. I’m a bit behind) and noticed a coupon for Purex Complete 3-in-1 Laundry Sheets. The sheet is a detergent and softener and also eliminates static. You simply put the sheet into the washer and transfer it to the dryer with your clothes. How easy is that!

The sustainable benefits of this product are it reduces plastic in the landfills and because it weighs less than liquid detergent it requires less fuel to ship, reducing the carbon footprint.

Since I’m still trying to get through my big ol’ jug of laundry detergent from Sam’s (which is concentrated), I haven’t had an opportunity to try any of these new detergents. If you have, leave a comment with your experience.

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