Kraft Wants Consumers to Pay for Its Advertising

For probably at least four years now, I have been getting Kraft Food & Family magazine for free.  It is a quarter magazine that includes great seasonal recipes for appetizers, meals, snacks and dessert.  Of course, all the recipes feature at least one Kraft product and there are also full-page ads for Kraft products.   1253055369-000f8cd4medium

I have to admit that it was more useful to me as I began cooking more because the recipes use a lot of shortcuts.  Nonetheless, I always read the magazine and usually take away a few recipe tips (for example, cooking quesadillas on the grill).

Just this past week, I received my last free Kraft Food & Family magazine.  I was shocked when I saw it was my last issue and assumed the publication was going electronic.  To my surprise, there was a bill included for $6.99 to continue to receive the magazine.  What?  Kraft wants me to pay for their advertising!  I was shocked and threw away the bill.

While I read the magazine and $6.99 is minimal (it probably covers the cost of shipping), I refuse to pay for Kraft to market to me.  I guess from Kraft’s perspective, they can reduce their printing and shipping costs by only sending consumers the magazine who truly want to read it and eliminating those who simply toss the magazine in the trash.  Of course there is an assumption here that only consumers willing to pay $6.99 see the magazine as worthwhile.

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