Brooks Sports Offers VIP Porta-Potties at Marine Corps Marathon

In less than 2 weeks, I’m running the Marine Corps Marathon (MCM) in DC and cannot wait.  Just this week I received an email from the event coordinators highlighting Brooks Sports VIP Porta-Potties that made me chuckle a bit and then give kudos to Brooks for such a great guerrilla marketing concept.  2046_MCM_LP_600x225

The concept is simple, wear official 2009 MCM or Brooks Sports gear and you get access to Brooks’ VIP Porta-Potties! The VIP Porta Potties will include men’s and women’s suites, flushing toilets in private stalls, a stainless-steel sink with running water, mirrors, lights, climate-controlled temperature, and paper towels. The Brooks VIP treatment will also include:

  • Valet attendants
  • Hand Soap
  • Fresh-cut flowers
  • Individually wrapped mints
  • Lotion
  • Feminine products

Considering the MCM is the 10th largest marathon in the world with more than 18,000 runners and 150,000 spectators, this might actually be worth it.  This isn’t my first experience with large marathons (I ran the Disney Marathon in 2008) and I know the porta-potty lines will be long prior to the race.  I am seriously considering purchasing some Brooks gear!

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One response to “Brooks Sports Offers VIP Porta-Potties at Marine Corps Marathon

  1. I saw this too and will be wearing Brooks running shoes for the race. I might have to stop in since in 2006 I had to pee in the middle of the 495 beltway since the potty lines were so long. Oh, and the race actually has over 30,000 runners, making it the 3rd largest in the US. Good luck!

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