Swiffer WetJet Goes Over the Top to Target Mommy Bloggers

Swiffer has been aggressively targeting mommy bloggers, including a Swiffer SocialLuxe Lounge at the BlogHer conference this past summer.

Most recently, P&G launched an updated Swiffer WetJet and is targeting mommy bloggers to participate in mission Operation: Enduring Clean.  The mommy bloggers received a very elaborate attaché case that provided the information and tools to complete their “mission”.  Small-Wet-Jet-Kit

While this may look to be a very exciting campaign and get the mommy bloggers all jazzed up to complete their mission, it seems some mommy bloggers were more eager to write about the delivery, than the actual product itself.

Was it necessary for Swiffer to spend this type of marketing dollars to get mommy bloggers to participate?  No.  Would they have achieved the same or better results with out all the gimmicks?  More than likely.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea.  But based on my experience working with mommy bloggers, this campaign was a bit over the top and some of the key messages were lost because the product wasn’t the hero.

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