Gap Gets Back to Basics with Denim Jeans

Gap is using its 40th anniversary celebration to get back to its roots – jeans.   With sales slipping, this might prove to be a good move.

In honor of the retailer’s 40th anniversary, it is hosting a jean party nationwide to promote its 1969 new premium jean line. On Thursday, August 20th from 7 – 9 p.m. every Gap store nationwide will host an exclusive, live acoustic music night with special promotions of course (15% off your entire purchase and $20 off your favorite jeans).

Additionally, the campaign called Born to Fit features a Facebook page, a StyleMixer iPhone application (yep… there is an app for helping you mix and match clothes), pop up stores and advertising. gap-born-to-fit

This marketing campaign is a very strategic approach to invigorate the brand and sales  – from a new product line, to a new campaign to store promotions and social media.   Gap isn’t just saying… yeah we are 40.  The company is giving you a reason to listen and participate.

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