Did Zappos Sellout to Amazon?

Heck… who wouldn’t for $928 million? I honestly don’t see Zappos Chief Executive Tony Hsieh living high on the hog though. I saw a story a while back that he only made $30,000 a year and doesn’t believe in sitting in a posh executive office. In fact, he sits in a cubical right along side his employees.

Zappos did not sell out to Amazon. This is only a testament to the business that Tony Hsieh built. Since Amazon couldn’t compete, they purchased the main competition. So kudos to Amazon for such a great move. Also, according to news reports, Amazon is not changing a thing about Zappos. And why would they… apparently Zappos knows how to do it better.

The only aspect that concerns me as a Zappos customer and admirer is now they are public. That tends to change how things operate. But based on my purchase last night from Zappos (I had no idea at the time about this Zappos/Amazon deal), I can tell you that business is as usual at Zappos. I even received an email last night that Zappos upgraded my shipping from standard to overnight! You cannot beat that for customer service.

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