Welcome Obama

Certainly extraordinary times create an opportunity to divert from the topic of consumer goods.

More than 1 million people are expected to flock to the National Mall tomorrow to see Obama sworn in. But you can enjoy the best seat in the house by watching the inauguration from your office, home or coffee shop. Consider yourself lucky… you will not have to fight for the port-a-potties; only about 500 are being provided for the expected 1-2 million people anticipated to attend!

Tune into one of the many online news sites streaming the live video.

1. CNN.COM: CNN.com and Facebook have partnered to enable you to connect with your Facebook friends while watching all the inaugural events on CNN.com Live. I already RSVPed and am excited to see how this works.

2. CBS.COM: CBS.com will host an exclusive Inauguration Webcast at 10 p.m. ET hosted by Katie Couric, who will look back at the historic day with a host of CBS reporters, political experts, pundits and special guests. The Webcast will include answers to viewers questions, which you can submit at the link provided above.

3. MSNBC.COM: MSNBC will broadcast the event live. There are no special features… just straight video.

4. New York Times: The New York Times will stream video from its home page. Simple and easy!

5. ABC News: Will stream video live and also have live blogs from John Berman and Juju Juggles.

6. PBS: Will be streaming the events live. You can also explore past presidents’ speeches on this site and see how Obama’s speech measures up.

No matter where you are, be sure to catch some of the inauguration. As my mother would say to us when we were kids… “This is history”. Now I can finally appreciate it.

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  1. I’m the “mom” in the article and would just like to say… “Jen, 29 years later, I’m so thrilled you remember something I told you when you were young”!!!!! All kidding aside, whether you are a live spectator, watching it on TV or following it on the web, what a fantastic feeling it is to be an American and a ” special part” of the history that is being made today! God Bless America!

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